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Senin, 09 Januari 2012

Samurai Vengeance II Full Portable

Samurai Vengeance II Full Portable | There are games that its small size and portable, but exclaimed, his name Samurai Vengeance II.  
Although simple and is portable, Vengeance II Samurai game is exciting also to be played, especially now more vacation, so it is ideal for relaxing.

Minimum System Requirements :

Processor : Pentium 3 - 800 MHz or better
DirectX Version : 9.0c or above
RAM : 512 MB
Video Card RAM : 64 MB
Operating System : Windows 7, Vista, and XP

Seven levels of this game was provided not take too long to be resolved. An experienced gamer at best it would take a total of three to four hours. You can repeat this game with different difficulty levels or try Dojo Mode (such as Endless Mode) but not much on offer this game once you finish it.

If anyone really memukauku of this game, it is Cel shaded graphics are very very beautiful. You ever play the game Okami on the PS2? Well, Samurai II is carrying a similar drawing style. Colorful and beautiful. The level of sadism in this game (which is actually very high) was somewhat overshadowed by the style of depiction. Not infrequently I cut off the enemy's head, splitting their bodies, and their blood spilled on the floor but somehow this game is never to feel too Gory.

Password Mediafire : www.dytoshare.us

Download Via Enterupload :

Download Samurai Vengeance II - Portable - (32,4 MB)

Download Via Mediafire :

Download Samurai Vengeance II - Portable - (32,37 MB)

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