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Senin, 09 Januari 2012

Pepsiman For PC Full Version

Pepsiman is one of the very popular game on the PS1, I'm sure my friend all familiar with this one game and must have never played, because this game is fun in its time. Not bad also for leisure because this game is too mild really.

Pepsiman controller using the keyboard:

W = Triangle
A = Box
X = bullets
D = Cross
Enter = Start

A = Seleding
X = Skip
Left & right = direction keys
Sprint = Up + A
Brake = Bottom + A

Pepsiman this game using the emulator ps 1, but has made ​​it easy to play (format. Exe), you just click 2x and live play

Pepsiman is a game that is very hard to describe.You take control of Pepsiman and collect Pepsi cans while running through hazardous levels dodging obstacles all the way. The game is somewhat rare and hard to find, so consider yourself lucky if you have it.

A lot of people are probably asking themselves ''Who is Pepsiman?''. Well, if you don't know who Pepsiman is then why are you reading this? Pepsiman is the ''spokesman'' for Pepsi in Japan. You also may remember his cameo in Fighting Vipers for Sega Saturn. Too bad they removed him from the U.S. version. He has starred in many commercials, so why not his own game? The difficulty in this game is average. It shouldn't take too long to beat. The objective is to collect Pepsi cans on the way to the end of the level. You are racing against the clock so be careful not to get hit by a car. There are many obstacles stopping you from getting to your goal. Like cars, people, boxes and many more. There are a total of 4 stages with 3 levels each. Which makes 12 levels in all. Doesn't sound like much does it? You have to remember this game was released in

Japan for a somewhat cheap price. The first 2 levels in each stage are played from a 3rd person perspective.
It automatically runs forward for you all you have to do is move Pepsiman left and right and jump over or slide under obstacles. The 3rd level in each stage is played out like the scene in Indiana Jones where that boulder is chasing after him. In these levels Pepsiman is running towards you. The main goal is to collect 100 pepsi cans that are scattered throughout the level. It is not an easy task. While you don't have to get all 100 to beat the game it will be over way too quick if you don't.

This is one of the low points of the game. First of all there is NO analog control. A game like this would have truly benefited with analog control. Due to the fact that Pepsiman automatically moves forward causes some problems too. But that is part of what makes the game difficult. Pepsiman can dash, stop(for a brief period), jump, move left and right, and slide. Not much of a variety huh?

Sound FX/Music
This is the WORST part of the game. If they hadn't gotten the Sound FX perfect it would have gotten a 0. I hope you like the Pepsiman theme song. Because all of the music in this game is a remix of the Pepsiman theme song for each stage. Hearing the words Pepsiman over and over tend to become annoying. My advice to you is put a CD on and turn the volume all the way down on the TV.

The graphics are a little above average in this game. But thankfully graphics don't mean anything. After all just because a game looks bad doesn't mean it plays bad. The opposite can be said too. The people in this game are flat sprites. While Pepsiman and certain objects are polygons. There isn't much slowdown at all.

Replay Value
At first it may not seem to have any replay value. What with only 12 levels and all. But if you are the type of person who likes unlocking secrets there is a little replay value. You can unlock different Pepsimans.

Rent or Buy?
Well, since I don't know of anywhere to rent Imports I'd have to say buy if it sounds good to you. If you find it for rental however I say rent it.

I can recommend this game to people who love Pepsiman and someone who likes to play games over and over until they totally beat it.

Password Mediafire : www.dytoshare.us

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