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Selasa, 20 Desember 2011

SWiSH Max 4 + Patcher

Swishmax is an interactive multimedia software to create Flash animation, with a set of 230 visual effects, Actionscript language support for dynamic content and input forms. By using this software you can easily make the banner.

  • More than 230 visual effects
    Hundreds of new effects can be used for text, graphics and images. You can also create and apply your own effects using SWiSH script language.
  • Drawing Tools
    Create various graphic elements, such as stars, polygons, cubes, buttons, etc. with a convenient means for drawing.
  • Import / export settings
    Import SWF video to other Flash application. Easily import video, music, graphics and text files. You can easily export your SWF / AVI videos, Flash-projects.
  • Dynamic content
    Upload images, text and data from a Web server and manage your SWiSH-video server-side scripting      
  • Download SWiSH Max 4 + Patcher Here

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