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Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

Seo Tools : SENukeX 2.1.22

Seo Tools : SENukeX 2.1.22 | 6MB
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Senukex is one of the most advanced link building tools ever developed in the internet marketing field. It is the version 2 of the hugely popular senuke tool. It is developed by Areeb Bajwa and Joe Russel. Senuke helps You to create web2.0 accounts, create forum profiles, create bookmarking accounts and bookmark urls, do keyword research and more. Let's see everything in detail very soon in this senukex review. Ready fully to have a through understanding of senukex.

Added 117 Social Bookmark sites!
Added 10 Social Network sites!

Ticket 1581 - Bookmarking url enhancement
Ticket 1602 - NIche Research Error
Ticket 1605 - Change searching for elements to NOT use the title!
Ticket 1604 - Add logging for which IP being used in WebRequestSubmitter every time new Submitter is created
Ticket 1600 - Synchronize group and checkbox names in AC
Ticket 1481 - #randurls# tag not randomizing the url
Ticket 1609 - Wikispaces showing #randurls# tag
Ticket 1601 - Social networking link problems
Ticket 1613 - Redirected links in social networking
Ticket 1615 - New social networking sites with url problems
Ticket 1620 - Expression engine failing submissions
Ticket 1623 - Niche research error - Unable to find search tags...

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